Portable Perfume Atomizer

Portable Perfume Atomizer

Portable Perfume Atomizer

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Smell great anywhere! This amazing portable perfume atomizer allows you to take your favorite perfume in a perfect travel size bottle anywhere you go.
STEP 1: Remove the cap from your existing perfume

STEP 2: Pump the travel atomizer until desired fullness

STEP 3: Smell great anywhere! Yes, it's that easy!

Main Features:

  • Small atomizer orifice for reducing the waste of perfume and making spray finer
  • Lipstick size, small and light enough to be put in pocket or handbag 
  • Refillable design, recyclable and environment-friendly
  • High-quality aluminum material, durable and light-weight
  • Convenient to carry and keep, easy to use 
  • Suitable for party, traveling, outdoor activities
  • Capacity: 5ml

Bring your perfume or cologne anywhere with you with this new siphoning travel bottle!  It grabs some of your fragrance and stores it in a nifty 5ml bottle making it hassle-free at airport security.

Take off the atomizer on your existing cologne or perfume bottle and then hook the pump into the bottom of this mini travel perfume and begin pumping.  You'll see the fragrance slowly travel upward to your travel bottle.

  • Reduce travel bulk
  • Smell good no matter where you travel
  • Attaches to practically every fragrance bottle
  • Hassle free airport security
  • 5ml bottles are considered ok for carry-on baggage

Package including: 1x Portable Perfume Atomizer

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